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Our mission at Eyecare Greengate is to provide you with the ultimate eyecare and eyewear services. Our skilled optometrists and eye exam team in Greensburg, PA offer over 60 years of combined experience with unhurried, one-on-one, comprehensive eye exam. We take pride in the respect and care with which we treat you and the quality of the work we provide.

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Our optometrists and eye exam team provide a variety of great services including:

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Our optometric team in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, is just minutes away and also serves the nearby areas of North Huntington and Murrysville. Stop by for all your eye care and eye exam needs! After your visit, check out our listing on Google Places and write a review.

Q&A with Dr. Chad E. Green

Dr. Chad E. Green Answers Your Eyecare Questions

What are some of the warning signs to look out for to identify a possible vision problem in children?

A vision problem is not always easy to detect. Apart from difficulty in school as previously explained, some other signs to pay attention to are:

  • Constant eye turns (in or out)
  • Eye turns away when tired
  • One eye/pupil appears brighter or more dull in photos compared to the other eye
  • Headaches
  • Eyes appear to shake or flutter
  • Sudden severe blurred vision
  • Spots in vision
  • Blurred vision in periphery
  • Light sensitivity
  • Droopy eyelid(s)
  • Eye pain

See here for some more info on Children's Vision Care: If your child has any of the above symptoms, Visit your eye doctor.

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Dry Eye Syndrome Causes and Cures
Despite the fact that it is one of the most common eye problems, a surprisingly large percentage of patients are not aware of it.
November is Diabetes Awareness Month
Chances are it affects you or someone you know. November has been dedicated as a time to spread awareness about the disease, its risk factors and the effects it has on your body, your daily life and the lives of your loved ones.



* * * * * on 02/18/16
"Dr. Green and his staff really took lots of time with me. They're the best." ~-Paula H.
* * * * * on 02/11/16
"I went to Walmart eye care for a long time and never knew what I was missing out on! Not only does Greengate eye care have an amazing selection of super cute glasses and sun glasses, but they have extremely helpful staff members that provide amazing customer service." ~-Apples O.
* * * * * on 02/03/16
"Forget about best eye doctor, Dr. Chad Green is the best overall care provider I've ever had. Eyecare Greengate is the best!" ~-Brian R.
* * * * * on 01/20/16
"Dr. Green changed my life! After years and years of poor vision and squinting day after day and numerous doctors he fit me for my first pair of Scleral lenses. Now, I can live a normal life again and I can even drive again. It's just incredible!" ~-Kris V.
* * * * * on 11/04/15
"The very best experience I have ever had with an eye doctor appointment. Dr. Chad Green is top notch across the board." ~-Jim M.
* * * * * on 10/04/15
" You can tell the quality of an organization when there is a problem and how it is handled. These people are great. I highly recommend them.." ~-Rick V.
* * * * * on 08/22/15
"Friendly professional doctors and staff with a huge variety of products in a very pleasant atmosphere, highly recommend them to everyone." ~-Jeffrey B.
* * * * * on 12/19/14
"Great customer service. Michelle & Liz were excellent with my 7 yr old daughter and assisting with her first pair of glasses." ~-Danielle T.
* * * * * on 1/1/14
"We go to greengate eye care and the poeple are great with special needs children." ~-Kimberly Marie Frances H.
* * * * * on 11/13/14
"Dr. Hurney and the entire staff at Eyecare Greengate were great, very thorough and a delight to work with. Will definitely recommend to others. I have found my new eye care center.." ~-Amu B.
* * * * * on 11/17/14
"Everyone was very professional and accommodating, even when I had to return quickly to have my glasses readjusted! They're the only one's I'll trust with my eyes!." ~-Emma L.
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"We have always had positive and pleasant visits at Eyecare Greengate. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the service we receive is unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone who asks." ~-Gloria R.
* * * * * on 5/10/14
"Dr. Sommer was a joy to work with. Melissa helped me pick out frame and did an awesome job. This is my first pair of glasses and Eyecare did everything right. Thanks again.." ~-Janice N.
* * * * * on 3/19/14
"Have been going to Eyecare Greengate since 1996 and I highly recommend them. Very courteous and professional staff. Always a patient first approach." ~-Bill H.
* * * * * on 4/4/14
"My family and I have been patients here for many years now, and we continue to receive the highest quality care from the doctors and staff!! The staff are always very friendly and helpful,and very professional!! I have recommended Eyecare Greengate to many of my friends." ~-Angie S.
* * * * * on 1/07/14
" Very helpful, quick and great selection." ~-Trisha S.