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TearLab for Dry Eye Treatment

TearLab Technology New to our Greensburg Clinic

Eyecare Greengate has installed a TearLab® Osmolarity System and our staff has been fully trained on the use of this breakthrough technology.  We are one of the first in the area to be able to provide TearLab testing for Dry Eye Disease ("DED").

What is Dry Eye Disease?

TearLab machine at Greensburg, PADry eye is one of the most under-diagnosed ocular diseases, and yet it is the most common reason why patients go see their eye care professional.

Dry eye occurs when eyes do not produce the right quantity or quality of tears. Women are more frequently affected than men, and it is often caused by hormonal changes due to aging and menopause or medical conditions.

Your eyes need a constant layer of tears - called the "tear film"- to maintain and protect the ocular surface. In Dry Eye, underlying changes to the health of the tear-producing glands can result in a change in the quantity and quality of the tears you make. This results in a tear film that can no longer provide enough nourishment or protection to the surface of your eye. This can lead to damage of your eye's surface, which, in turn, can lead to the symptoms of Dry Eye.

Signs and symptoms of dry eyes may include: Stinging, burning, scratchy sensation, sensitivity to light, tearing, tired eyes, and difficulty wearing contact lenses, as well as Blurred vision, often worsening at the end of the day or after visually focusing for a prolonged period on a nearby task.

TearLab Treatment at Eyecare Greengate

Easy painless TearLab Dry Eye test performed in our Greensburg officeTear osmolarity has been shown to have the best predictive value for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease of any single test. TearLab's sophisticated lab on a chip technology tests a tiny tear sample to measure Osmolarity, or the salt content in the tears. The Doctor will test both eyes, and will take the highest number of the two tests, to generate Your Osmolarity Number. Your Osmolarity Number gives doctors a meaningful measure of the health and stability of the protective tear film that covers the surface of your eyes. The number generated correlates with the severity of the disease.

Dr. Green, Dr. Vilsack, and Dr. Sommer have built a practice that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care using advanced ophthalmic diagnostic techniques and treatments. Equipped with the TearLab Osomolarity System, we can now use quantitative data at the point of care to aid in the diagnosis of DED and to improve our ability to manage these patients.

TearLab Accredited Dry Eye Center

Eyecare Greengate is a TearLab Accredited Dry Eye Center

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